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Is Your Son Interested?
We realize that joining scouts is a big decision for you, your son, and your family.
With that in mind, we included some sections on our website that can help you make an informed decision. If you have some questions please contact us and we'd be happy to discuss scouting with you personally.

Below are several links you might want to follow, please take some time to click around and get an idea about our Pack and the Boy Scouts of American in general...

Why Make Time for Scouting?
As a parent or guardian of a small child, you are a key factor in the path that child will choose to follow through out life. There are a multitude of opportunities out there, both good and bad, for a child to choose from. 

So why should you give your child the opportunity to choose scouting? Watch the video below....

Scouting 101

New to Scouting?  Thinking about Scouting?  

We developed this section to answer some common questions...
What is scouts about?
Will scouts help my son grow?
Why should I sign my son up?
How is Boy Scouts organized?
What can I expect from scouts?
What is expected of me?

As You Browse This Section, Look For the Videos...  
We included videos to give you a feel for what scouting has meant to others and how it touched them and their family...  

Our promise is that your son will have fun, he will be active, he will learn and you will be informed every step of the way.


Pack 67 Leadership Team